The Arlona skip tippler is a logical progression of the skip method of ship loading that has been used successfully for decades. Skips have always provided a simple way of loading a wide range of bulk cargoes with a simple robust and reliable system. Whilst somewhat slow when compared to modern ship loaders, skips have always been an economical and reliable way of transferring product from the stockpile to the ships hold. They are extremely robust, simple to operate and can be used to load a wide range of bulk commodities.

As the long established leader in the design and manufacture of skip loading solutions, Arlona Engineering (Pty) Ltd. have taken advantage of the recent proliferation of mobile harbour cranes and developed the skip tippler to address the negative aspects of traditional skip loading i.e. speed and shore side labour, without compromising the very real positives of robust simplicity, reliability and flexibility.

Arlona Engineering has made use of state of the art hydraulic technology to create a product that combines all the positive aspects of the skip loading system without the numerous drawbacks. A system that adds a new dimension to mobile harbour crane versatility and gives port operators a fast and flexible bulk loading capability with loading rates approaching those of dedicated conveyor loading installations.

Benefits of the Arlona Tippler System:

The Arlona Tippler System has added a variety of additional benefits to the conventional skip loading system:

  • Increased loading efficiency by reducing the human element.
  • Reduced health and safety risk to employees.
  • Offers a maximum, 3-minute complete loading cycle.
  • Eliminates damage to quayside, due to a more controlled landing.
  • Reduced damage to skips, due to a more controlled landing.
  • The Arlona Tippler system is extremely versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of dry bulk.
  • Vastly increased loading rates by improving quantity of skips moved per hour.
  • Allows for increased commodity turnover.
  • Improves project planning by achieving a more consistent loading time.
  • Reduced number of staff per skip means there is less chance of fatigue, resulting in less exposure to health and safety risk and reduced productivity losses.
  • The Arlona Skip Tippler System is fully customisable to crane specifications.
  • Gearless Bulk Carriers can be loaded allowing shippers to achieve lower shipping costs due to economies of scale.
  • Reduced operating costs.